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Hi guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog. A little bit about me.....I'm mommy to my precious baby boy Avery, stepmom to a beautiful 11-year-old gal Matea, and a wife to a super supportive husband named  Ryan. Before I was a stay at home mom I was a hairstylist for 12 years. I have a huge LOVE for fashion, style, hair, makeup and sharing it with you! Stick around to see whats next!

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Maine grown blossoming in Florida

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

Hello world. This is my very first post! I am a 34-year-old mom of a wonderful 14-month-old baby boy named Avery, a step mom to a beautiful 11-year-old spitfire Matea, and a wife to a super supportive husband Ryan. We moved from the artic freeze of Maine to the sunny state of Florida. It has been about 2 months and I can’t believe how fast it has gone by. We decided on the move back in April of 2018. First things first. I was raised in the same area of Maine my whole life and I knew every crevice of every street, every circle of who is who, every good/bad review... it was home. So you can only imagine my thoughts on moving to a different state. It petrified me! I literally had to keep telling myself on repeat every dang day that change is good. It helps you grow. Don’t worry. Everything will work out.

Back up a bit before I had my precious Avery, I was a hairstylist for 12 years and owned my own salon for 2 years. It was my everything! Work, slay, repeat. I lived and breathed the culture. The hair, makeup, and fashion of it all is what pushed me everyday to be better and do better. I’m a creature of habit so while I was pregnant I swore up and down I would go back to work, put Avery in daycare, and carry on with life. I said so many times,”oh I could never be a full time stay at home mom, it’s just not for me.” BOY (literally) I was so wrong. Avery flipped my world upside down around to funky town and back. I struggled working and pleasing others all day then having to go home to give 100% plus to my Avery and family. It was so hard. I just couldn’t manage both. It bothered me all the time. I thought to myself, I know so many other moms that kill the work/mom game and manage way more. I then knew I had to dig deeper. I then realized I am the type of woman that can only give her all to one thing at a time. Most that know me know I am like the energizer bunny, but only when I have my main focus. So I soon accepted that. My focus at that point was Avery. Having the move in the back of my mind also helped with my descion making. So that was that. I sold my salon, we packed up, and drove 30 hours straight to Florida. Don’t get me wrong, the connections I had with my clients, the friendships made and the passion I had for the industry will never be forgotten, but I knew I was ready to close that chapter of my life.

So January 18th we arrived in our empty rented house at 9:30pm (a day ahead of our movers) clue how that happened. We managed though. Matea, Ryan, Avery and I all cozied up with our jackets in the middle of our master bedroom floor and slept like babies. At this point Avery was 13 months old. He was now a lot easier then the newborn stage. So mama felt the itch do something. I finally felt I had most of myself back to normal (damn hormones). So I put my thinking cap on. I always took pride and passion in the art of fashion. That includes hair, makeup, clothing, etc. It’s something that has always made me feel good, makes me feel like “me”. The clothing aspect was a huge plus to blog about on Instagram because I love shopping and finding a good deal. What better way to share my shopping abilities! I started browsing Instagram and instantly got inspired by these amazing bloggers. I thought holy sh*t! I could do this.

So there it is, I deleted my whole Instagram from back home to start fresh. The first week was the worst because I constantly kept second guessing myself that I wasnt capable. Until my girlfriends put me in check and really made me believe I could do anything If I believed it. Now here I am, as I sit outside by the pool, in 80 degree weather writing my first blog. There we have it folks. I did it! I can do it and will continue to do it for ME, MYSELF, and I. Oh and of course to inspire and reach other amazing women/or men that need a little push. I’m so grateful to have the option to stay home with Avery, and now to have my blog on top of being his mom makes me feel complete. So anyone out there thats lost, or feeling stuck in life, or you don’t know whats your next adventure..push yourself! Push yourself outside of the box. You’re not growing if you’re not changing.

“If you’re too comfortable with your life, it’s time to move on. Terrified of what’s next. You're on the right track”. Susan Fales-Hill

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