You can never go wrong with a denim jack

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My Top 5 Must Have Neutrals

Sure, color makes everything more vibrant and happy go lucky, however, you can never go wrong with neutrals! Neutrals are timeless and so easy to pair. I think every woman should have her go to neutrals incorporated in her wardrobe. Here are my top 5 that I could never live without.

1. Plain white sneakers

These are as classic as you can get. With spring approaching, having a pair of plain white casual sneakers are a must. It makes every outfit a bit more bright. With it being such a basic color it naturally draws the eyes down to make an outfit so much more exciting and sheek.

2. Oversized tan tote

Having an oversized tote as a mom is crucial! There’s so much stuff on top of stuff that is never ending! Whether you have to dig for a snack or snacks (for every family member), lipgloss, keys, wallet, or babywipes( used for everything and anything) it’s a must have. Since it’s a huge part of your outfit, keeping it neutral is your best bet. Rocking a killer outfit and having a bag that does not go is a BIG no no.

3. Plain gray t-shirt (or white)

Oh how I love my plain gray t-shit. Let’s be honest, you can wear this so many different ways. There‘s t-shirt with black slacks, t-shirt with ripped denim shirts, t-shirt with leggings, t-shirt with crazy printed bottoms. This list is neverending. So having a plain gray tee is so needed when you want to keep things as simple as possible when picking an outfit out.

4. A neutral nail polish

I just love a neutral nail. I’ve never been one to rock the bright nails. Especially when I don’t have time to change my polish all the time. A neutral nail will give you the longevity and your nails won’t look so haggard week 1 or 2 or 3!!! You will still have that last bit of nail polish holding on for deal life. haha. It‘s all about blending.....

5. Black sunglasses

I love a pair of black sunglasses. They scream class and effortless style. Everyone knows black matchings with anything and everything. Plus, being such a simple color, it will never go out of style. It’s something you can have forever.

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